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Please give us a hand in filling out this page!  Although, as Hans Loberg points out, Harry Slone's book, Virginia Trout Streams gives directions to most of the active streams, many people would use our directions.  Just send me (Jon Wilson) the directions to any stream you wish and I'll put them up on the web. 

**Directions to Lower Smith River- Bassett, Stanleytown, and Koehler

Getting on the Smith throughout Basset, Stanleytown, and Koehler is fairly straightforward. Highway 57A runs alongside the river for most of the distance of Bassett and Stanleytown. You can park just about anywhere that looks like a wide enough shoulder. Just don't park on cultivated fields or block gates. 

Between Bassett and Stanleytown on 57A there are some hayfields. You can park on the shoulder there and walk across the fields to the river. The landowners are fisherman friendly. Going Farther East you will see a new CVS drugstore that you can park near and access the river there. Also any of the bridge crossings (there are a few) are good places to get in. Going further East, right before you get to the 220 bypass, you will see the Great Road. To the north (turning left if going east) the Great Road goes behind a factory called CPFilms. You will see a nice grassy area right beside the river there where you can park and get in. That area is known as Whitby Acres.

If you continue over the 220 bypass, you will come to an intersection in the town of Fieldale. Take a left over the old iron bridge and then an immediate right. This road, Koehler Road, (58?) runs alongside the river. You will see some gaps in the guardrail that afford parking and access to the river in a section known as "The Braids" you will understand the name if you locate it correctly. There are big fish there. Going further East, there is a little restaurant called "Garfield's Chicken In The Basket" You can park there and jump in the river. There is decent fishing from there up for a few hundred yards.
That's about it for that lower section.

Thanks to Smith River TU President, Shane Pinkson, for this data.


SMITH RIVER   -  SPECIAL REGULATION AREA  ( From Town Creek to Bassett)  

Be sure to check the Philpot Dam Power Generation schedule:    1-540-629-2432 You can enter the spec. reg. section behind the Mirror plant about 1-1/2 hour after generation has stopped. Likewise, you can fish in this section for about 1 hour after generation has started.


About 25 miles south of BOONES MILL, (35.5 miles past Wal-Mart) just past big knoll with pines trees & power line tower on the right.

TURN RIGHT onto VA 674 just past the "OAK LEVEL" sign on right side of road, -right after Sissy's Flea Market.  1.5 miles past "OAK LEVEL" VA 674 makes a sharp right hand turn ; watch for the "PHILPOT ROAD" sign. The distance from US 220 to the BASSETT MIRROR PLANT is 5.5 miles.  

About 100 yds. past the railroad tracks, turn left and park on the grass facing the tracks outside the mirror plant fence.  At the fence go up to the tracks, around the fence to the mirror plant.  Walk left behind the plant; then either straight down to the river, or follow the path along the left side of the field.  At the end of the field you can enter the river or follow the trail further downstream.  (Some also walk along the rail road tracks to the lower part of the river)

The Smith River Special Regulation area is discussed by Harry Slone in his book "Virginia Trout Streams".

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