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Please feel free to use this area to post items you may have for sale, items wanted

or any other discussion.   Email items to be posted to: Jon Wilson

I have a customer with an Orvis 711, a storied Orvis Superfine 4 weight, who is willing to part with the rod for approximately $200.  He tells me he has fished it a half-dozen times or less.  The fellow's name is Michael Collins and I believe he is a chapter member.  For anyone who is interested he can be reached through my store at 540-345-3635.  They can contact me and I can put them in touch with him directly.  Thanks, Tom Brown, Orvis - posted Wednesday, February 27,2008

Found an old bamboo rod of my dad's in the basement just the other day. Rod has been there for about 30+ years. It's a two piece rod with no markings whatsoever on it. It's very stiff and without much flex in it. Was dirty and covered in dust and grime. Butt section is 33" long and tip section is 32 1/2" long. Thread wrappings are a yellow and black color and they make a "mottled" looking pattern when wrapped around the guides etc. There are two small double wraps of red thread, about a 1/4" wide, and separated by about a 1/2" spacing, that are about 4" above the hook keeper. All wrappings are tight except there is a slight "play" in the male/female ferrules. Tip section has a small right hand "set/bend" to it when looking down towards the tip with the guides on the bottom. Reel seat is of an up-locking type and the butt end has a opening with a small lip on it. May have had some kind of cap on it at some time. Cork handle is well-worn and looks like it has seen many a days use. Sorry, no photos to post. Know nothing about boo rods so am open to suggestions about repairs etc. Planning on bringing it to next T.U. meeting and seeing if anyone there can enlighten me; but, thought I'd post a description here in the meantime. Thanks for any tips.

Dick Taylor


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