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January 16, 2008 Meeting

Dover opened the meeting by introducing our new members: Bill Braden, Ashley Waters (Hollins University Senior), Jeff Witten, Bob Crawshaw and Karl Miller.  Welcome to all of you and we are very glad to have you be apart of our wonderful chapter!!!

Dover was presented a plaque and picture from the chapter for our appreciation for all that he has done this past year. Click pictures below for full size.

January 2008 Meeting 009.jpg (22414 bytes)

January 2008 Meeting 011.jpg (29887 bytes)

January 2008 Meeting 007.jpg (20324 bytes)

January 2008 Meeting 012.jpg (35623 bytes)

January 2008 Meeting 015.jpg (52818 bytes)

January 2008 Meeting 005.jpg (22353 bytes)

Chip Davis, Secretary gave a report on the upcoming newsletter and requested information on suggestions and pictures.

David Wilson, Treasurer gave a report that the rent on the room had been paid for the year and that was the only outstanding check.  The Roanoke TU account has a balance of $8515.11.  David also requested that all members keep track of their hours donated to the service of TU.  He also discussed the formation of a Finance Committee to work with the Treasurer.  David will be chairman of the committee and Joe Penn, Dick Cole and Bob Crawshaw will help with committee.

Dr. Morgan Wilson reported on the Hollins Project, Carvins Creek.  It appears that all the trout (including chubs, etc...) have gone missing.  It has been reported that their has been a lot of poaching on the creek.  It has also been reported that an Otter has been seen along the water way and could have assisted in the fishes demise.  It was further discussed about restocking the creek with fingerlings.  The chapter approved a motion that will allow Dover to proceed with the stocking once Hollins University approves such stocking.  Dr. Wilson also said he wants to see the program go forth and succeed as a teaching tool for the university.

Trout stocking on the Special Regulation Section Roanoke River will take place on Monday, February 4, 2008 at 9 a.m.  There was a sign up sheet passed around and Hans and Anke will head this up.  If you can help please let them know.

Jamie Hutton, Roanoke County School Teacher has requested help from the chapter with his fly fishing program for his students on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  Let Jamie know if you can help.  His email address is: and his phone number is 525-3853.  Jamie is also working on the Trout in the Classroom project.  A new committee for this has been set up and Jamie will head that up as well.  Let him know if you like to assist him on this committee.

George Kesler discussed upcoming fishing trip to Meadow Lane.  Payment for trip will be due in full at the next meeting in February.  More details to follow soon.  Also discussed was the raffle item for the Meadow Lane Lodge that was won by Virginia TU John Ross was re-donated to the chapter.  It has been decided that the trip will be raffled off at the February meeting and one ticket per person can be purchased for $10.00.  More details will follow by email.

Jon Wilson, webmaster has requested any information, stories, items for sale and etc... needed for the website.  Please send to Jon at   Jon would also like ideas for fly fishing trips that chapter members would like to take. 

Jack Ward, Vice President has requested ideas for upcoming meetings.  Please contact Jack if you have any ideas or would like to put on a program for the chapter.

Tom Brown discussed getting hats and tee shirts for the chapter with our logo.  Orvis will let us know what they can do.

Dover discussed the signage along the Roanoke River special Regulation section.  Signs are being sent to the chapter and members will be asked to volunteer to place signs along the river.  Also Dover would like to see permanent signs be placed along the section below the Colorado Street.

Bayes Wilson discussed the formation and changes for the committees for the upcoming year.  Click here for the updated list.


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