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Gathright Hydro Project

Gathright link to FERC Web Site: Follow this link to the FERC web site which contains the public files, including TU's, which if possible would be the preferred route to attempting to keep our site current.  Instructions once you follow link are: Scroll down page and find area where you can enter Docket Number p-12737, then down at bottom of page hit submit.  Any questions please contact Marvin Huffman.

Committee List and Links

Roanoke TU Chapter 308
Gathright Hydro Project Committee
Name Email Phone
Marvin Huffman, Cochairman Home 989-1917
Bill Bainter, Cochairman Home 989-5249
Jack Ward Home 265-1788
Karl Miller Home 989-6549
Dan Gracia Work 983-4275
Dan Gracia Home 334-2976
Dover England Mobile 525-1991
Include both Email addresses for Dan for any correspondence
Initial comments must be submitted to FERC by May 13, 2008.
Leon will be submitting a consolidated response on behalf of TU Virginia
We need to get our drafted comments and desired requirements to Leon fairly quickly
Leon should then give us his draft to review and approve prior to final submission on May 13
Here are the comment/requirement tasks that I think this group needs to be complete. 
1 Develop an eloquent description of the Jackson River Tail Water as a cold water fishery
that needs to be protected for many future generations.  Delicate stream, natural reproduction etc.
2 Develop position statement opposing the increased lake level and the sustained increased
flow levels following flood events.
3 Develop position statement requiring water quality monitoring on a consistent schedule
with results to be shared with stakeholders(interveners).  Requirements for Applicant
to pay for all future monitoring/testing
4 Develop position statement outlining additional studies that need to be completed as part
of Application Process:  i.e. Environmental Impacts, water quality, etc
5 Develop Bond Requirements to be posted by Applicant to be used as a fund to restore
the river due to any adverse impact to the cold water fishery.  Not sure how we arrive
at a dollar value for this.  

Links concerning this issue will be listed below as received.

Final Virginia Water Protection Permit 09-0855 - Gathright Hydroelectric Project, Alleghany County, Virginia- August 25, 2010

DEQ response to comments regarding the Gathright permit-8-2010

If your organizations wish to support the newly proposed DGIF regulations for the Jackson River Tailwater, now is your chance! Please

go to: to post your comments. Thanks very much. Paul Bugas

Gathright Final Permit Comments  FERC e'Library contains several updates on the application process at Gathright.  Perhaps some of the folks on the TU mailing list would like to review the documents.  The latest filings are from November 2008 to the present and concentrated in the 12-5 to 12-15-08 period.  Our filing is dated 12-5-08 and we would like to direct our membership there even though it was posted to our web site earlier.  There is also a progress report from the Applicant which outlines their next steps and timing.

Notice of Licensee's and Preliminary Permittees'  Name Change, filed today with the Commission in Project Nos. P-11437,  P-12737, P-12740 on behalf of Jordan Hydroelectric Limited Partnership,  formerly Hydro Matrix Limited Partnership.

TU Draft Application Comments Dec 08




GatDraft Lic APPLSept8-08



GatTroutUnlimCommentsMay1 - To view Public comments to date: Click on eLibrary, Click on General Search, Enter Docket Number 12737

TU-FERC Gathright - Posted 5/15/2008

Gathright Letter Agreement - Posted 5/8/2008








Downstream Gathright Water Quality Data - Sampling 1989-2007 Monitoring 1992-2007 Our sampling program tests for metals and nutrients and then just metals on alternating trips approximately every two weeks from May through November.  If the metals are found to be elevated in the release, we then sample for metals several miles downstream (where Route 687 crosses the Jackson River at Petticoat Junction).  The monitoring is done at the gauging station immediately downstream of the dam.



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